the seven year itch

we’re getting very close to the busblog’s seventh birthday. it’s in early august. this thing has had its ups and downs and in some ways youre right smack dab in the middle of its downs because im not writing alot about some of the foundations of the busblog (public transportation, rock n roll, true bachelor lifestyle, etc).

and yet the bus rolls on.

at this point some bloggers might just quit their blog but for some reason im not that guy. i love this thing as much now as ever before. even though i have a completely different job and lifestyle than i had 7 years ago, one that provides me with so much mental and emotional stimulation that i really dont have 10 minutes in the day to put on my Break Hat and blog for your amusement and joy. but i do it anyways because i heart you i heart blogging and i heart this little url that we have nurtured together.

as in any good relationship you have to sacrifice to make things work. you have to stretch, you have to grow. you have to keep trying to make things exciting. you have to keep on keeping on, and after a while its not a have to, its a get to. even though this blog only gets 500-1000 unique readers a day, a fraction of what it did at its peak, it’s still a total honor for me to be able to write to that many people. thats more than who saw The Who on wednesday at the orpheum, and trust me i didnt write anything on that day on par with baba o’reilly.

if anything i think i feel more comfortable writing to my base. i feel more at ease to try newer things and to write in a manner that is purely from my heart as opposed to worrying about what snarker #277 is going to think about my stance on the economy or the presidential race or the use of the N-word on The View.

anyways, there is no seven year itch here, perhaps because of the 43 blogs that are on the Times if i ever wanted to “cheat” on the busblog i could and it wouldnt get jealous. which is why im pretty much a believer in polygamy if not permanent bachelorhood. so ha!

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