today is krista’s birthday. shes 22.

so talented, so sweet, so beautiful. last year when i went to TO in october i really wanted to meet her so bad. and when i found out she was really going to the matt good show i stuck close to her all night. busblog fans yelled hi from afar and said arent you tony pierce and i said sometimes but this is krista oceanaria, isnt she so much hotter in real life?

i was so nervous to meet her that within minutes i lost my voice. so i had to look in her eyes and try to esp her but those blue saucers are bedeviling. we sat next to each other at the rock show and afterwards we went backstage drank and i took this pic of she and her canadian idol. is it me or do both of them seem soooo happy to be taking that picture?

krista is also pretty fantastic behind the camera, which is an achievement because shes not working with the most expensive equipment, she tells me. shes also a budding artist whos work, i hear, is in the mail and headed to my office. cant wait!

an extremely interesting thing about krista is shes adopted. proof that we should think about adoption instead of breeding all the time since theres clearly some beautiful angels out there who need loving homes. im not saying people shouldnt have children of their own, but we should Also consider taking care of our communities.

im very glad that krista is around. and i think the world of her blog.

happy birthday krista!

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