a year ago today i was in beautiful vancity

for my summer vacation

its hard to believe that it was just a year ago because so much has happened since then.

but oh the things that happened while in canada…

i met so many people who i had only read online… i got to see fireworks from several different countries. i got to drink beer while walking through a park.

i got to truly experience eating poutine after a long night of drinking and after watching a well dressed canadian urinate right in the middle of a classy sidewalk.

i got to play drinking games with a dutch girl and a local babe until the sun came up.

i got to eat so much sushi that i finally got it about sushi, so i went back for more and more. i also got it about sake. and about the difference between good sushi and meh sushi.

i got to meet keira-anne for the first time, who was single then and somehow amazingly still single now. we saw the simpsons movie on a beautiful afternoon and later drank and drank.

i got to write part of a new novel, i got to take a break from editing LAist, i even got to take JaG for her first visit to a Denny’s.

not real sure what more i coulda done in canadah. even experienced a garbage strike, even partied with hells angels, even drank with irish girls at the cambie.

vancougar youre still in my heart. it was perhaps the best summer vacation i ever had as an adult. and i hope the next 12 months are as exciting as the last 12 have been for me, and hopefully for you too.


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