i dare you not to love this

when i was driving home from vegas a few weeks ago this kid, about that kids age, came up to me trying to sell me phone cards or some nonsense as a fundraiser for their school.

we were in the middle of nowhere, so it didnt surprise me that they needed fundraising. this girl talked so fast i seriously couldnt understand her – a lot like bro in the video. so i said, just talk normal to me. and she talked slower at first but then kicked into her talking points superfastlike. and i was all, check it, sales is life, but the secret of sales is to say things so people not only understand but wanna give you money.

she said, do you want a phone card?

i said, no but i wanna give me money.

and she didnt know how that fit into the script in her head.

so i said, just ask the people to donate $5.

she said, wanna donate $5? i said yes. and we were good.

update: sometimes you dont even need to ask. you just need to be.

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