just as i was crossing las vegas blvd yesterday afternoon

on my way to the freeway, my mom called my cell phone to ask me where i was

i said, vegas.

she said, i read your blog and i dont like to hear you whoring around (omg, as if)

i was all, ma, you cant believe that blog.

she said, i know, but still.

i was like, mom. nothing in there is true, after seven years youd think that would have seeped in.

she said but our relatives read it.

i was all, mom, the whole world reads it, mostly cuz i dont write it to the specifics of my wonderful mother. i write it kinda to the opposite of that.

then we talked about cats and dogs and the bears and normal things. then i went to jack in the box

and as i drove home i realized that she didnt say one negative thing about going to the playboy mansion a week ago, but a quickie little weekend in vegas rises her ire?

fascinating. and more proof that you should simply write with the freedom that you have because you never know what your critics will object to.

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