so busy

but i have a few minutes for the busblog

last night karisa, her bf, ali and i went to see the foo fighters at the avalon which used to be the palace.

if youre as old as me you might remember a tv show called Don Kirshners Rock Concert. it was also called The Midnight Special.

AC/DC, James Brown, and many many other artists played at this club on Vine right across from the famous Capital Records building near Hollywood Blvd.

So any time I go there I get excited cuz its a classic place filled with history and good personal memories for me cuz ive seen so many shows there and E! even had its Christmas party there many moons ago before the remodeling.

ali and i ate sushi down the street before the gig. walked up vine, went to the show. first they asked us if we wanted to take pics of the celebs on the red carpet but there didnt seem to be any at that time so we just got into the place.

turned out the media was in the balcony area with the vips which meant free food and drinks. they were also demoing the new blackberry thats gonna be a iphone challenger. but for some reason we didnt see it. whoops. we were there to experience the rock anyways.

queens of the stone age were ok. ali was all “i want to punch you for not being into this.” i probably deserved the punch cuz i was yawning the whole set.

foos were good, but not great and it made me feel like maybe i shoulda had more drinks cuz for some reason i wasnt feeling it. maybe im getting old.

after karisa led us to this fancy sushi place where macy gray was chowing down. we ate fancy sushi and drank and laughed a lot. ali was a good girl and didnt drink there and drove me home so for that reason alone shes my hero.

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