no matter what happens i heart you

from my In Box

On Sale Friday! Devo!

night 1, DEVO will perform “Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!”

night 2 it will “Freedom of Choice”. Both albums will be performed in their entirety.

With every online ticket purchase, you’ll receive 3 exclusive, never-before-heard DEVO demo versions of: “Turn Around,” “Whip It” and “Red Shark.”

November 3rd & 4th / Music Box @ Fonda / Doors: 8pm / $42, $52, $102 (includes a meet & greet!) / on sale 9/18 @ 10am

meanwhile god bless the Silversun Pickups for being just enough like smashing pumpkins to harken back past memories, and being just enough original to create new ones.

and videos like the one on top are my favorite sort of lo-budget + humor to make everything go down so smoothly

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