because im ancient ive seen every SNL

and last nights was another borefest

except for the last few sketches which were really good.

because im secretly a television mogul, i get the east coast feed of nbc, so i heard the f bomb accidentally dropped during the chuckle-worthy Biker Chicks segment

heres what i hope. i hope President Hopey Hussein Changey defangs the FCC

everyone has had to tighten their belts over the last few years and if ever there was a government agency who needs to have their budgets cut its the one that demonized howard stern for so long while allowing violence and hatred to run rampant.

meanwhile when Oprah talked about anal oral sex the FCC sat on their hands.

therefore i hope they sit on their hands on this slip of the freakin tongue

and while theyre at it, i hope they go the way of the dingo and get lost

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