taylor swift is singing with def leppard on my tv

Gage: can people actually change? What is your favourite taunt or insult from when you were a child?

people can change, but it doesnt come without a price. usually regret, or bitterness, or vengeance. its best if they change naturally, under their own terms. its second best if its because of the fear of god. if its because/for a boyfriend/girlfriend it probably wont take. but dont take it personally. unless thats what you typically do. in which case dont feel bad about taking it personally, because people rarely change.

i like how you people spell wourds.

Matt Welch: Last Bruce album that was any good? Also, does the consistent badness force a re-evaluation (a Stinging, if you will) of previous records thought great?

the most recent one is pretty good but the last one that mattered to me was Tunnel of Love. at his best the boss has a sparkle or a incredibly dark sadness to his work. when its in the middle it doesnt do anything fer me.

consistent badness in rock should not make one re-evaluate the past. even having three good records is an amazing feat qualifying many for the rock n roll hall of fame, or equivalent. sex pistols only had one record, and if you put all the great music that johnny rotten produced post pistols wouldnt fill up one record, but if we were to re-evaluate that record, that band or that singer, it would pass with flying colors.

alecia: what is a good question to ask someone to determine whether or not they are a creep/loser? (i have been a magnet for these types lately and i don’t figure it out until they already have my phone number, resulting in multiple calls per day from people like “tom blue shirt NO NO”)

“how many phone numbers of girls who told you to f off are still stored in yr cell phone?”

David: ten songs to play really loud after the worst week ever?

replacements – unsatisfied

beastie boys – sabatoge

janes addiction – idiots rule

tom waits – i dont wanna grow up

metallica – sanitarium

iron maiden – the number of the beast

nwa – 100 miles and runnin

rollins band – do it

bruce springsteen – thunder road

the kkk took my baby away

Alyson: I just watched Wall-E and I want to know… what’s Tonys’ favorite Pixar movie, if you watch them at all? And if not, why don’t you?!

i thought they got off to a great start with Toy Story, and even though theyve made something like $2 trillion gross, the scoreboard would tell them to keep on keeping on, but i have really only liked a few of their films enough to want to see them again. Finding Nemo was probably my favorite because i love albert brooks.

chuckie: how does the blogfather deal with Writer’s Block?

writers block happens when you are either afraid to write what you really believe or if youre full of crap.

the best writers understand this basic concept: we’re all going to die. so just write down the terrible slide to inevitability and get on with the gettin on.

if what you have to write will either get you in trouble with the Lord the Law or the Landlord (or any varieties of those offshoots) write it down in a private secret place like a private secret blog. but write it down. not only will it one day be valuable for your soul or your bank account, but in writing it down you are practicing for the time that you will write something equally edgy, but in public.

Will Campbell: So President Obama took time this week to get all up in New York Gov. Patterson’s grill telling him to step off the podium and drop his (admittedly failing) reelection efforts. Good idea? Or a case of a brotha keepin’ anotha down?

im waiting for kanye to stand next to mike myers and say “barack obama doesnt like blind people”.

timmay!!!!!: what does it mean in (south) america?

El Questiono Antonio

bartender phil: Who ya got in the Bears game?

phil, not only will i tell you who i have in that game, but i will tell you who ive got in all the rest of the bears schedule. thank you.

@seahawks – bears by 17
lions – bears by 27
@falcons – bears by 3
@bengals – bears by 6
browns – bears by 20
cardinals – bears by 1
@49ers – bears by 2
eagles – bears by 14
@vikings – (since favre will be hurt by then) bears by 3
rams – bears by 22
packers – bears by 15
@ravens – ravens by 2
vikings – (since favre will have just returned) bears by 1
@lions – bears by 29

Krista: When I move out to the west coast (Canada) what should I do first?

rarely in your life do you get to make a totally fresh start in a new place, while being young, beautiful, bright. i should know, ive been at that crossroads just twice. the first time i was barely 18 and the best thing i did was let go of the past and recreate and grow in a positive manner. the only things that held me back was my insistence to hang on to a previous life that was safe but limiting.

keir: Mr. Welch makes a profound point that I have considered many times and am still flummoxed by. My question is: what’s the coolest movie/tv shoot you’ve hung around besides the Times’ building? Um, and by “shoot” I mean “set” or “shooting location,” and not necessarily while filming was happening. Unless of course you’ve been to one of those, too. Have you? Okay, that’s 2 questions—I’m making up for lost time.

movies bore me so even though there are tv and film shoots all around me i ignore them. life is filled with phonies who cares if its being taped for future screenings? rarely is there any art in it.

the only film shot that mattered to me at the times was the one starring chris brown which was also shot on the 6th floor. and the only reason that mattered to me was i ran into rihanna in the elevator and she made my heart skip a beat. something i didnt think was still possible at my advanced age.

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