i was in hog heaven yesterday

had mike singletary firing up his defense on fox, had the skins giants on some other channel. decided to have ice cream for lunch. prefect breeze is coming in thru the french doors. and after football i went to a coworkers house whose bf is a writer on True Blood and we went over to their house to watch the finale and the creepy evangelist’s hot wife was there. twas fun!

on wednesday i start a week long working summer vacation. meanwhile im uploading photos from yesterdays first sunset strip music festival on the streets.

got there yesterday in time to see the donnas, who for some reason havent been playing with their hot blonde drummer torey, but they were good. ive seen the donnas at the roxy a few times and once at the viper. theyre the perfect band to be playing this fest. actually it was a perfect selection of bands when you think about it.

the headliner was ozzy. opening for him was korn, who was surprisingly good.

on the more poppy dance stage was LMFAO, Shwazye, and the ever delightful kottonmouth kings of whom i will have a large photo essay of tomorrow. just too many funny tales.

karisa and i went into a couple of clubs since all of them were open as part of the festie. the photo is from going into the hustler store as it was only one of the few places with an atm. (keep this myth going.)

so the rock was tremendous, the lighter, happier dance stage was fun. we had some shrimp tacos that were pretty good. was anything bad?

yes, of course but not super bad. parking of course wasnt the easiest but pretty much none of these street festivals in LA can easily afford 5,000 extra cars in the neighborhoods. so i just parked over by Ketchup and walked the 5-6 blocks and considered it excersize.

another irritant was the no beer in the street / no water in the clubs. lets deal with the latter first. if you charge me $3 for water, why treat that bottle of water as the enemy when i want to take it into the whisky?

secondly, we’re in a closed in fenced in place. why cant i drink my beer and watch the bands outside? they can do it at sunset junction, and the people hosting the event are some of the most responsible club owners in town, why not be able to bring your drinks with you where you go?

i know there’s probably some safety theory, being as this is their first outdoor street fest. but the truth is, if you’re in one of the beer gardens, or in one of the clubs, and you decide to motivate elsewhere – when you arent allowed to take your drink with you, you chug it. therefore the rules are actually inspiring binge drinking. if you let a man nurse his beer, he probably will.

best part? getting doused by ozzy’s crazy firehose of foam.

the pictures of people covered in that crap are pretty hilarious.

after the show karisa wanted to get sushi so as she and her pal dave went to his house to drop off his bike, i sped back to my crib to shower and change out of my crappy clothes.

it made everyone late, and the geisha house gave away our table, but man did i feel better. whoops.

my full review of the rock here in a photo essay like no other, on the Pop n Hiss blog

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