today we threw a little going away party for my favorite boss

because of the climate of the economy, often these parties were sad for other reasons, but this one was sad because Meredith was so smart and nice and perfect for her job.

they laid out a nice spread and there was a small bar for wine and beer and Meredith choked up a little as she reminisced about her time here. And just as is her style she said things like “it was great taking credit for things that I had nothing to do with”, but the truth of the matter is, even if she didnt assign us to do it, or order us to pull it off, we were able to do it because she created an environment where everyone Wanted to kick so much butt.

people provided little gag gifts, and one of our former bloggers (see even EX employees love her!) arranged for an autographed pair of suspenders and an autographed 8×10 glossy would make their way to the party.

of course, CNN security was called when they found out that they were the pair that Larry was wearing at the time, but hey, what can we do, we love her and we’re sad that shes going to our biggest online competitor. its almost like Babe Ruth going to the Yankees. except worse.

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