just wrap your legs around these velvet rims

and strap yr hands across my engines

as you know the other day i was in heaven. i was at a sweet rock show with a sweet girl with sweet seats and about to eat some greasy burgers while sipping mixed drinks.

not real sure why super cool things happen to me. sorta sure some of it has to do with the fact that ive been single all these 102 years, and definitely sure that almost all of it has to do with the fact that ive been blogging for the last 8 years.

the video above is from the middle of the springsteen show during the part where he was playing born to run in its entirety. this was the end of the title track, a song that usually is part of the encore of his shows, if not the finale show.

to hear it in the middle was pretty interesting, because the question is, can you keep the energy up after youve performed your climatic tune right in the middle of the gig.

the answer was hell yeah. especially if youre the Boss, who celebrated his 60th birthday yesterday. heres a link to my complete “review” of the show as it appeared on the Times music blog, Pop n Hiss.

update: heres video from someone who had much better seats than me, musta been blogging for longer than i

and yes, thats pretty much all he said to intro the born to run suite. and yes, the camerawork was shaky on his/her footage too, mostly cuz – well, how can you not dance around a little to this material?

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