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“If I go to the Outside Lands music fest in San Fran, where should I stay?”

the closest nice pack of hotels are in Union Square. its a $10-$15 cab ride to Golden Gate Park. youve come to the right place because not only will i show you how to save at least $30 a night, but you will be staying in a pretty nice hotel.

the best places to stay, like i said, are in Union Square. Four-star hotels like the Westin St. Francis or the Grand Hyatt have rack rates of $160. but if you use name-your-price sites like Priceline or Hotwire you can usually get a nice room at one of the hotels for between $90-$125. the only catch is you dont know *exactly* which hotel you’re bidding on, but all 4 star hotels in SF on these sites are nice.

the ones you should bid on are the Union Square East properties which has a pretty interesting discussion going on this message board.

If you really want to cut corners it looks like the three star Civic Center Holiday Inn recently got remodeled. Civic Center is not where you want to be loitering around much at night, but if youre rocking out all day and really just need a central place to crash near public transportation, there arent many hotels more convenient than this one, and this guy got it for $41 a night.

if youre flying into frisco, dont rent a car, take BART to Powell Street and walk up to Union Square where you will be lodging. take cabs around town, theyre cheap, fast, and the best way to get around SF during your rock weekend. also, to park your car in a downtown hotel spot can cost between $25-35 a day – even if you are staying there.

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