this is the face of a proud papa

and his recently high school graduated son.

my old college roommate chris threw a sweet bash for his son Justus last night to celebrate the boys graduation from the best private high school on the wesssside.

there was food, booze, dogs, kids, fresh fruit, a taco guy, everything.

but maybe the sweetest moment was listening to the high school kids singing “Eye of the Tiger” while playing Rock Band.

so so sweet actually.

they say graduation is more for the parents than the kids and i never understood that fully until last night. chris and his wife were super proud. it was nice.

and it gave all of us ucsb friends (rob, jeanine, mark, callie, carrie) a chance to reminisce about when we all met as college freshmen.

full circle.

time flies.

grab the gusto.

get yrs.

teach the children well.

and dont forget to spill a lil wine for the brothas who didnt make it.

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