today is kristas birthday

she 24.

ive been lucky enough to meet a whole lotta bloggers over the years. many of whom i had read a lot, and loved.

so it was such a pleasant surprise when i got to meet krista one fall night in toronto right before a matt good show.

i was very nervous once i realized she was alone because i knew id get drunk and spill out my schoolboy crush on her. and sure enough after a few molson canadians i told her that she was my date for the rest of the night and i was going to kidnap her and bringer back home with me to los angeles.

we sat next to each other at the show. we partied backstage after she met her idol (not me, somehow). and then we rocked out at various parties across TO.

and then i passed out and forgot to kidnap her.

my bad, because now look, shes engaged to a canaidan seaman!

krista is one of my favorite bloggers not because shes so sweet in real life but because her photos are always so beautiful, her posts give us a glimpse of life in canada (and now BC), and her unique personality makes you fall for her immediately.

three things i love about krista:

her dad is a minister
shes adopted
she makes prints of her photos and sells them at a good price (i know i have several)
she loves nature
she loves sushi and i cant wait to eat some with her one day
shes the most dedicated employee even when she shouldnt be
she reminds me of my xgf jeanine who i just talked to on the phone

shes a real blogger who lays it all out there and maybe thats what i admire the most in her.

happy birthday baby!

Top photo by Krista, second photo by me using Krista’s famous camera