i never know when this pretty girls comin over

so when i snack i dont dare dip into the doritos

or sun chips

because that would just destroy my breath.

which as anyone knows is oh so minty fresh.

so i eat fritos. little fun sized bags.

tiny little things that they make for kids to put in their lunch boxes.

but i just looked up at the clock and its 1:31am and she hasnt come over.

she txted that she wasnt coming over, but who trusts modern technology?

but here it is super late, so i put on my slippers and make my way downstairs to the pantry and eye some sun chips.

and as i down em i realize that these arent that bad for ones breath.

the day had started so well. there was apple juice and sunlight.

a request for soul food breakfast, but alas it was packed.

and heres one thing i truly adore about my truest, shes really up for anything

drove past roscoes: too crowded. drove past lucy’s: too not nitetime

drove past this little soul food place – 1130am – and figured why not

which is my name backwards, but everyone forgets.

and the rest of the day just went down hill.

some days you peak at the apple juice.

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