i used to be the most optimistic person

and this blog chronicled that sunny disposition.

it made no sense because at the time i was barely making ends meet, i had no real reason to think that things would work out but god did they ever. i had everything i really wanted.

in a very short period of time this blog will have its 9th birthday. it seems like such a tiny birthday but man has there been a lot of water under that bridge.

the wine, the women, the song.

the last thing i want to turn this into is the whine, the bitching, and the blues but i have a bizarre knack for seeing into the future and its very hard for me to see any light at the end of this tunnel.

they say that unless libras are madly in love it doesnt matter if we are on the cover of Time and Newsweek, we will be miserable. i think thats an exaggeration, and i definitely have a lot of love in my life, but i can tell you first hand that it doesnt matter what i’ve done with my career, i still have all the same highs and lows that i had when i had zero career.

this week interviewing bruce willis and having all of that go so smoothly i felt on top of the world, but monday i had the mondays and here we are at friday and somehow i have the mondays too.

what on earth is wrong with me? what is the answer? all i want to do today is read bukowski and try to decipher some of his genius formula and attempt to channel that into something creative but its now time to shower and make magic for the man.

satisfaction a young lady once told me is appreciating whats in front of you and ignoring what is not.

so i lifted my shirt and said enjoy the glory then baby.

and then we were both asked to leave the cathedral.

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