know what i want?


my momma, my sweet momma, wants me to take a family vacation with her and my sister

and the niece and nephew. and the brother n law.

the puppies from christmas wanna come. they havent grown up or nothin.

the italian au pere from florida wants to come too. as does the new one from brazil.

anna kournikova is thinking about heading out there for it.

marla collins, the former ball girl for the cubs, she knows everyone, shes gonna be there.

and i even think the grateful dead are going to put together a show right there on the beach while we are gonna be out there.

but me, i dont wanna go. can you believe that? sure i wanna see my mom. love her. and the rest of em. except for the puppies. i dont trust puppies. back when i spent some time in hell we came back to earth disguised as puppies because everyone always projects all this unrealistic hope on puppies that it was easy to be evil in their bodies.

but i have things to do here in hollywood. we’re up to something at work. something big. something potentially huge. something that could change things for the good. something that could make us bigger and deffer.

i know yesterday i said i need to go down in the basement and stew a little, but hawaii aint gonna make me stew. my little friends sure as hell arent gonna get me angry. theyre gonna all make me feel like everythings gonna be ok. thats not gonna work for me right now. i gotta feel the edge of doom for these petals to flare out.

a flower blooms when it thinks its gonna die.

a horse runs faster when hes shown the whip.

rdio is playing the Flaming Lips and Henry Rollins reinventing Dark Side

i have 100% changed my opinion of this thing. i love it.

i want it.

i must have it.

it’s everything. and its only $5 a month unless you also wanna play it on your phone and then its $10 a month.

and god it sounds great.

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