sunday i went to the cubs game with karisa

we were late.

i had a cubs hat on. and the same snoopy cubs shirt ive owned since high school.

karisa wanted to “tailgate” but theres no tailgating at dodger stadium cuz of obama.

but we went to this echo park liquor store anyways and got two 22ouncers (sapporo for her, and a mickey’s for me), two airplane bottles of booze. and a coke. when i walked out of the door this hipster was all “Cubs? Really?”

i was all Really.

he was like, why arent you at the game? i was all, we’re fixin to go! and he was all oh great the Cubs are losing by like 5 already in the 2nd inning.

whatevs dude. get outta my way so i can illegally tailgate. but because we were so late there was a totally free parking space about 100 yards from the dodger stadium gates. so we parked, cracked open our beers and got a nice layer of buzz going for our walk into the park and through the parking lot.

got to the game. cubs were down by 7 at this point and it was already the 5th. got a few more brews. shots. dogs. got our seats in the front row next to fair pole in mannywood.

talked to two nice ladies from Oklahoma. i was all, do you women know of the Mad Pony girls? they were all nah. turned out the mom was taking her daughter to LA for the first time. the daughter had just gotten a cheerleading scholarship. she was going to be a freshman at a little college in OK. they were nice.

enjoyed the game, sobered up. cubs called it quits pretty early. sorta sad. but as always, its very nice to see so many cub fans outside of chicago. we’re a loyal tribe.

one day we will have our day.

2 thoughts on “sunday i went to the cubs game with karisa

  1. Reminiscent of drinking Old Style from back of woody station wagon on Grace St. in ’84 but without karisa which is the best part I think.

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