im going to the dentist in 15 minutes

babeif it seems like i go to the dentist a lot it’s because i do go to the dentist a lot.

like michael anthony hall in sixteen candles, fresh breath is key to my life.

i also have bleeding gums like bleeding gums murphy

an old xbi ailment when then used to punch us in the face repeatedly so as to see if we really could not feel any more pain.

the only pain i feel these days is in my soul.

i look back at the things i did or said and i think was that the right choice?

did i do the right things?

should i have?

shouldnt i have?

i dont read old busblog posts because they can haunt me

for whole minutes.

i dont even like to be haunted for seconds.

i like to enjoy this little breath of time that we have together on this magical planet.

i like to feel love and be loved and eat and taste and dance the body electric.

i dont have time for the flim flam pajama waltz of times gone by

theres a reason they went by.

now is the time of the zip zap.

today is the day we should be on jet packs.

the only reason we aint is because we dont believe we can.

and some dont believe we deserve it.

you deserve it sweet souls of today

we all have earned the good

simply by being

children of the creator

mirrors of his soul

light of his life

defenders of the boogie.

now open up and say fuck yeah

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