my mom doesnt want me to drive so much

ice cream man coachella

but i like driving. i like hitting goals. i like doing things people dont think i can do.

i dont mind being exhausted. when you’re sore you know you broke through something.

when youre beat you know you stretched as a person.

i always want to be stretching as a person. when we die we stop stretching.

when i go to heaven i want to go to the bar and i want to have a story to two to share with the fellas. they’re gonna be from all these fancy planets that i aint never heard of and i want to listen to their tales and drink and drink and

i wanna be able to tell them what it was like here and what some of the crazy people did and said and i want to represent. i want them to say Earth was ok, sorry y’all blew it up.

and i wanna say Earth is inside each and every one of us

and i want one of them to say in a stuck up way, Earth isnt in me

and i wanna stick my tongue in one of their orifices and say now it is.

which would be gross anywhere but Heaven

which is why we should all do our best to get there.


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