theres things that make me sad, theres things that make me not sad

fishtheres things that bring me joy,

theres things that bring me great joy

the other day i saw something stupid

the other day i saw true beauty

sometimes the weirdest wonderful things occur

sometimes i wonder why we bother

this pretty girl noticed me

this fucked up shit went down

often im inspired in the oddest way

and sometimes

even when the holy ghost himself

floats down from whereever he’s been watching

and whispers in my ear


yo tony

dude bro!

i dont even hear

because im so obsessed with the noise of the mediocre

im so in tune with the fake

im keeping up with the wrong kardashians

im paying the wrong piper

as prince bowie and lemmy showed us there is an expiration date on our milk

we need to drink it all in, we need to begin the beguine, we need to follow the honey, we need to combat rock

we need to fish in the deep waters

we need to do what hasnt been done

we need to stop fighting the sun

we need to stop fighting

the son

we need to

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