to be clear

just because the press isnt treating trump

like a man en route to
spend the rest of his life in jail
doesn’t mean it’s not happening
right before your eyes
yr boy has 91 felonies
an army of co conspirators who’ve flipped on him
and a clown car of the most ridiculous lawyers
his enemies could have hoped for
the best thing about a death sentence
is theres an ending.
trump is limping into a darkness
where he will rot slowly
in a prison hospital bed
with not even ted cruz beside him.
outpacing ron desantis,
a humanoid who struggles with smiling,
inspires no awe.
the gop is an orgy of rejects
poised to fire their second speaker.
nobody thinks this fool
with those lawyers
and all those cases
can all be won.
bro hasnt won shit in years
any day now
he’s gonna kiss his girl
hobble on the plane with his name on it
and gtfo

thats what yr watching right now

ive been making prisons for trump

was super unmotivated today driving uber

probably bc i got a happy meal a little too early in the day

then i got a burrito to soothe the uncomfortableness

but that backfired

luckily i was right around my pad and i stopped in twice

the rides were good, good people, but i just wasnt loving it

last guy was a long time record label guy who was seeing a show at the greek

such a good conversation

but when i ended up by my place again i went to the grocery store and all the money i made in the day went to mr vons

kitty litter
a rotisserie chicken
grape juice
frozen egg and sausage biscuits
baby sausages
a pound and a half of ground turkey for four bucks

artists rendition of what trump's jail cell should look like

had some very nice conversations this week

and took some long walks.

and did a lot of work.

and found some money. lets talk about that.

last month i hit rock bottom because i wasnt getting any unemployment, all of my little jobs had dried up, all the places i was TOTALLY FUCKING QUALIFIED FOR LIKE OMG told me to fuck off and die, and i hadn’t even gotten my stimulus check #2 which was supposed to come in January.

the walls had closed in, i sent an SOS to the world and the world said here you go

and for that i will be forever grateful.

for a year for some reason the apartment above me has been vacant. it needs a lot of renovations and maybe the owner of this joint didnt have the cash, but youd have thought PPP loans or what have you, or the fact that all of us pay on time, and that they have lots of buildings would mean they’d have had the cash to fix it up and start renting it again But Nope.

and it’s fine. who needs someone clomping around upstairs on hardwood being loud when im down here crying in my mexicokes?

earlier this week i was awakened with loud terrible noises. the workers had returned and were pulling up everything, bashing in things. the cats scurried under the couch and my beauty sleep was interrupted for a good half hour until i said dude i lived in Isla Vista for four years, ya gonna have to do better than that.

when i woke up again i went out to get the paper and noticed that they had gathered a years worth of the junk mail that had accumulated on her side of the mail slot… and placed it in my ficus plant so they could have room to demolish shit.

my little eye spied my name. or something like it.

it said Anthony III

and it had the wrong address on it.

then I saw another letter like that too.

junk mail over the years has gotten better and better at tricking you into opening it. sometimes it will look like a check. sometimes it will feel like a credit card

but when i opened this up IT WAS A DEBIT CARD

in fact it was the Stimmy from January that I couldn’t hunt down via the IRS website because for some reason Trump thought my name was Anthony III

like George the Third or some shit.

And for months $600 was literally feet away from me. just laying there. saying tony save me. tony my love. my sweet bald fat man. im right here.

and how crazy that these workers didnt just throw it all away? they know she hasnt lived there for a year. but they did the right thing: they tossed it into my fauna.

they released the cashen.

and today when i went to the taco truck and splurged on a $7 burrito with extra cheese and sour cream, i handed her the plastic and she said

cash only senior.

and i laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed.

tomorrow theyre going after trump one last time

it’s the trial of his second impeachment. the sequel.

but unlike the first one, this one is going to be in a senate where the dems are the majority.

they say trump isnt going to show up and thats too bad because under oath it would be fascinating to watch him do his best to tell the truth.

i dont know why they didnt ask me to help him get on the stand because i could do it easily.

macho men HATE being called out, especially by women.

if i was the dems i would have all the female members of congress who he has insulted and disrespected, and i would have them make a little video.

it would be called Dear MAGA.

it would go like this.

Dear MAGA,

for four years your president talked a good game. he promised you a wall, great jobs, better healthcare than obamacare… he even promised to release his taxes.

all lies.

he talks a lot for a guy who golfs a lot and doesnt work.

he called us names and tried to insult us, but look at us: we’re still here in Washington DC and not only is he gone but so is the Republican majority in the Senate.

behind closed doors we always said to ourselves, “trump is weak. he’s gutless. he’s a coward.”

and look at him now. hiding in his bunker. like a baby.

MAGA, your guy is too afraid of his own shadow to come back to the scene of the crime and tell us how innocent he is. he’s too chicken shhh to get on the stand, put his hand on the Bible he pretends to love, and tell us what really happened the day that his supporters busted down the doors and climbed into the windows and desecrated democracy.

he knows he’s guilty and he’s too afraid to look you in the eye and admit it, or look us in the eye and defend himself.

he is old, he’s fat, he’s balding, and he’s guilty.

and he knows this is something that your money can’t change.

donald trump is afraid of the truth.

and that’s why he is too cowardly to take the stand.

ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?

today the capitol police let an angry mob invade congress

everyone knew they were coming.

the president said he was looking forward to seeing everyone there.

and they showed up and for some reason the national guard wasnt there waiting

for some reason the few capitol police who could do anything opened the gates and let them in

then when they were inside the cops didnt say much other than

happy new year

then hell broke loose

then all of congress had to hide

one congresslady was in a room with a bunch of republicans and they werent wearing masks

so she was all, excuse me, im going to go to a worse hiding place

with less room, but at least i’ll be around people with masks.

four people died.

one lady died because she was trying to bust through and a cop just shot her. dead.

another guy accidentally tasered himself and got a heart attack.

which is why i say this to you:

i love you.

im sorry im not always there for you.

im sorry im a fucking weirdo times infinity.

im sorry that i might freak out and freak people out sometimes

but what we all learned today was some people can get away with anything they want

they can go into secure areas, scale walls, assault officers

waltz into the speaker of the house’s anteroom and steal her mail.

and then walk back to their comped fancy hotel room.

what we learned is i am not one of those people who gets away with much.

which is ok.

today amber was all, im realizing you have a hard life.

i said nah.

she said yeah.

i said hard is sleeping in a tent right now under the hollywood freeway.

or worse:

wishing you had a tent.

yr not in kansas any more

The funniest Super Bowl commercial was the one in support for more funding for public schools.

Why? Because since he was a lad, Donald Trump was enrolled in private schools and since graduating has bankrupted numerous businesses, has been impeached and today flaunted that he doesn’t even know what state the Kansas City Chiefs play in.

Former Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill, a product of public schools, tweeted: “It’s Missouri you stone cold idiot.”

As my man Joe Armstrong notes, “671,018 Kansas residents voted for Donald in the 2016 election, bestowing upon him the state’s six electoral votes with 56.16% of the vote.”

Kansas hasn’t voted for a Democrat for POTUS since LBJ. Would be interesting if this gaff during their moment of celebration, swings the state blue in 2020.

Louis Farrakhan had some interesting things to say about Trump

Well, that wasn’t the intent of this administration to do a lot of good for us but the nature of this administration is good for us because now, you know, sometimes you think you’re where you’re not. Trump is letting you know where you really stand. And because of Trump’s way, he is an anomaly.

There’s never been a president quite like Mr. Trump. But there’s something that he’s doing. I’m going to come out in a few weeks and talk about it.

But Trump is destroying every enemy that was an enemy of our rise.

Who is the enemy of our rise?

Is it the Department of Justice where we get none?

Is it Congress where you make a law that favors us and then you turn around and destroy it?

Is it the media that has destroyed every Black leader that stood up for us calling us out of our name?

Martin Luther King suffered it. Malcolm X suffered it. W.E.B. DuBois suffered it. Marcus Garvey suffered it.

So he’s attacking the media, calling it “fake news.” I don’t think everything is fake.

But I know very well that we have been the victims of some fake news.

Now, the FBI? Go at it, baby. They’ve been beating the hell out of us ever since J. Edgar Hoover and the Counterintelligence Program of the U.S. government. So go ahead, Mr. Trump.

But here’s the problem. Mr. Trump, you have to be careful because I did say on a sister station that if we voted for Trump, he’s going to take America to Hell on a rocket ship. And America, he thinks, is gaining by the bullying, by the threats.

No, Mr. Trump, America is losing. And if America triggers the Third World War, which the Bible calls Armageddon, the America that we know, we shall never, ever know it again.

We really need to stop and check because you’re getting the country into deep trouble

in the days of chimpanzees i was a busblog

spent part of the weekend fighting with people on Twitter about why NFL players were kneeling during the National Anthem.

It’s tough to argue on Twitter for a few reasons:

1. some people want to remain in the dark

2. im a verbose SOB thus it’s tough to stick to just 140 letters

3. i was watching football and forgot that i was arguing with half of the South.

the biggest problem was these people kept wanting to say that by kneeling during the Anthem, the players are disrespecting the flag.

as if the flag has feelings. it’s cloth i told them.


but they didn’t want to hear it. and it was curious.

im sorry they arent protesting the way they want people to protest. when Trump tried to impose the racist Muslim ban, people took to the streets. The Trumpsters whined accusing the protesters of being paid. They complained that the traffic was bad now. They bitched that the signs were painting them in a bad light.

so here you have a protest that doesn’t affect anything. it doesn’t keep the flag from flying. it doesn’t keep the singer from singing. and it doesn’t even affect the game.

so they bring the military into it: “these selfish millionaire football players are disrespecting all the veterans who fought for this country!”

as if these Trumpsters care about the military. Aren’t a good chunk of homeless people veterans? Where were these defenders of the troops when W was cutting the VA?

but more importantly: is a veteran more American than a schoolteacher or a Community Organizer?

hey man, some of my best friends fought in wars. but members of the military are just Part of America. firefighters, nurses, farmers, fruit pickers, union bosses, seamstresses, and even your neighborhood blogger are all important parts of our society and we are all Americans who, when we are at our best, contribute to what makes the USA the second-greatest country in this continent.

hi baby.

long live every man woman and drone who defends this country and all the things we stand for but at what point is someone going to say, please stop using veterans as pawns for your bullshit argument?

the actual issue at hand is kids, teens, adults and even women have been straight up murdered by police and those cops paid no price even when they said


Yes. Yes you do. You know damn well why you do. And until we get that unsubstantiated fear out of the minds of our police force we are going to continue to have innocent dead black folks and athletes kneeling in protest.

but we can’t get there until we knock off this fucking shit about the flag or the military or the “country”.

until the flag murders a kid holding a toy gun, no one has any problem with the flag.

until the military says “i’m gonna kill this MFer”, kills a citizen, plants a gun on him and gets away with it, no one has a problem with the military.

athletes are kneeling because it is working. it is getting the word out there that police brutality and murder will not be tolerated.

the President of the United States wants to pretend that this is not about race or cops or anything other than the flag.

which is why you know it’s not about the freaking flag.

and now i wish i had learned how to run a Post Route so i could kneel

with my clenched fist up

during every anthem my team played on Sundays.


imagine we had a black president who was in love omg with iran

and that black president was caught on tape saying the word pussy

and that black president was all, of course i will show you my taxes, but then didnt

and he was sooooo black

and on mothers day he didnt go say hey to his wife up in new york

instead he played basketball in florida.

and then one day he invited some bros from iran over

and he kicked out all the american news people from the room

and only allowed muslim journalists in.

and then he told a bunch of secrets to the iranians

and bowed to them on their way out.

fox news would want him dead for way more than the bow.