I’m a little surprised at how bad this graphic is by the Hillary campaign.

hillary on pence

How about this:

1. Mike Pence believes that gays and lesbians can be turned “straight” via therapy and HIV/AIDS funding should be diverted to pay for it.

2. He abandoned plans to start a state-run news agency once his local newspaper found out about it.

3. Is so in the pocket of Big Tobacco he once wrote “Despite the hysteria from the political class and the media, smoking doesn’t kill.”

4. He believes George Washington was a Republican… even though Washington was against political parties.

5. Lost a bid for Congress when it was discovered he used political donations to pay the mortgage on his house, golf tournament fees and car payments for his wife.

But whatever. Trump + Pence is a Hindenburg. It’s probs best to just stay far a way.

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