there is politics, there’s opinion, and then there are facts

bill walton and the chickenthe first one is a game. people lie. people root for their “side”. people do things that are sometimes against the best interest of the people they live around.

then comes opinion, someone’s point of view. someone’s ideas. someone’s take.

and finally theres science. actual statistics. numbers. irrefutable evidence.

it may not be easy for everyone to be ok with the fact that black people are killed by cops at a higher rate than white people, but it is a fact that it is happening right now in the USA.

you can have an opinion about that fact, and you might be able to politicize that fact if you want, but just like how right now it’s summer and the year is 2016, cops are killing black people. period.

president obama could politicize this if he wanted to. and some presidents loved politicizing things. i suppose he could try to overreact, but the thing about this president is he does the opposite of flipping out. he’s chill. he works quietly. remember when bin laden died? it happened like a thief in the night.

i dont know who is putting the fear in some peoples minds that obama is going to invoke martial law, but the last time a president did that in a wide spread way was when honest abe did it right before the civil war. we’re having issues right now, but aint no civil war happening. even if trump wins. (which he wont)

everyone needs to chill. everyone needs to look at the facts and see what we can do about this.

but the first step is gonna be sensitive. people are going to have to ask tough questions from law enforcement and they’re going to have to look deep inside. we all know being a cop is an incredibly tough and dangerous job. but only recently are people starting to see that being a young black man isnt a cakewalk either. (or an old black man. or a black woman.)

even the NRA is having a hard time saying, “wait you shot a guy because he legally had a gun and told you about it? thats fucked up.”

crazy opinion coming at ya: theyre having a hard time saying it because theyre not used to coming to the defense of black people.

all i know is i dont know.

i dont know if the cops will ever want to look closely at their fears and how it triggers their actions

and i dont know how many black men on the edge are going to snap like that young man in texas who killed all those cops and then the cops blew him up with a robot.

what i believe is God loves us and is looking out for us.

and what i hope is he leads us down the right path

and we do the right thing once we go down it

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