today’s os’s birthday, he’s 24


born to long time kentuckians on the allegheny river on a river boat in a flood,

os is building a recording studio on the banks of his shallow end

and even though this isnt what i said to him when i saw how beautifully it was coming along

this is what i would like

i would like all of our friends to record all of their songs in the studio

and call it the sugarfoot sessions.

what i said was

how much do those little water sprinklers cost

hanging from the ceiling in case something catches fire

the answer was

woooo boy.

id also like the friends to record the songs of other bands

the bands that cant be with us, but who should be re recorded

because no one else is gonna do it

and it would be a shame to let those great tunes

just fade away.

when i didnt tell him all of that, his oldest child was playing soccer

in his baseball uniform.

technically it was his all star uniform for he was about to play in an all star game.

i said, you know what people remember the most from their all star games?

he said what. the boy’s 10 years old. by the way. where does time go?

i said fights.

fight em all.

the inside of that plate is yours.

lean in and if they plunk you, charge the mound.

not sure if os agreed but he didnt disagree.


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