theres like four days a year when i have to work late

and tonight was one of them: the student academy awards

there was nothing i could do about it. had to work.

i got some peeks here and there throughout the crazy night.

but for the most part i had to just trust

which i can’t say i did. but i tried.

did what i had to do, didn’t do a bad job, considering

and listened to the last inning as i sped home trying to see even a glimpse of it

but when i was parking they won. they won that damn game!

they head here, to LA!

i could see it. it’s just money. but it’s a lot. and Dodger fans aren’t the coolest come playoffs.

and last year during one of the games Todd and I just sat in the outfield bar

for good luck.

i could do that anywhere.

and thank God i now have that option.

whooooo hoooooooooooo!

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