the libras biggest struggle is to truly let go

im not a control freak. i swear.

i feel like im the best team player because i know what its like to be the leader, the quasi leader, and the not leader.

these people get in the uber and theyre so used to being the leader that they think they gotta tell me how to get to the airport

and im all, negro, do you know how many times ive gotten someone to the airport

in rush hour traffic, on the 405?

and youd think if you have a benz and its clean and theres a liscense plate that says


and the license plate holder that says 2016 world series champs

and miles davis is playing

and ive got water, mints, and a super long cord

that id be trusted.

but no.

some people think they have to do it all and im all sit back and let me do

what im best at.

what if it turns out that i was never meant to be a writer or a director or a baseball manager

but i was meant to be the worlds greatest uber driver.

would that be so bad?

theres some people who will never be the worlds greatest anything.

i appreciate people so much. i see them. i know they see me see them.

people should try to be the worlds greatest something.

they should strive.

i strive like crazy.

im over here striving my head off.

but ok mr advertising exec tell me how to drive on the 405.

the jungle i was sent to this planet to traverse across.

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