you can’t say you beat LA in 7 games unless you lose 3 first

i was sick yesterday. from the wind? from the stress of the game?

from the lady this weekend who sat behind me coughing as i snapchatted our panels?

who knows. all i knows is i lazed around yesterday not thinking of nothing and i feel better today.

you know whats weird about life? no matter how old you get there will always be someone who thinks they know about what you know better than you.

look no further than no drama obama.

my man took us from the depths of a recession into so much prosperity that even after he is gone the stock market is booming and unemployment is lower and lower.

but do people run around saying OMG OBAMA THANK YOU?

no. in fact they LET all the fakers and liars say the opposite.

so if that happens to someone who so clearly turned the ship around, imagine what theyre saying ’bout you willis?

and trust me, i know i throw a lot of curveballs. i dress humbly the way the bible says. i live humbly as the gospel preaches. but i work hard, i skate fast, and i leave behind a path of smiles and laughter.

meanwhile those who leave in their wake heartache, confusion and misery are held higher because they wear a dress shirt.

i wore a dress shirt at the LA Times and that didn’t keep me from getting canned even after i took top of the ticket from a half million to a million to two million to three million month after month.

if people dont want you around theyre not gonna care what you do to the scoreboard. theyre gonna make up lies. theyre gonna say that wasnt really a recession theyre gonna say those numbers are fake news theyre gonna say

republicans woulda turned it around faster.

so heres the good news. you do move the needle. you do make things better. you are the i in team.

you are the magic in the makeup

so stop making up negativity.

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