saw this really good movie last week called Wonder

in it is a line that has struck me

If you have a choice between
being right and being kind,
choose kind

i am definitely guilty of keeping it

a little too real,

especially here on the internet.

but to live up to that quote would be quite an interesting little enterprise, let me tell you

especially here on the internet.

theres that other saying that goes,

take it easy on people bro, you dont know what they’re up against.


which this movie brings home in a special way. because some people seem like they have it one way, but behind the scenes something is completely different. just  like how pictures of downtown LA make it look so beautiful.

but when you get in there…

it’s a different type of beautiful.

drove this old korean guy across town today. he sat in the front. talk talk talked with a heavy accent.

told me how he got pulled over by the cops in the 60s in LA and he admitted to the cop that he was too young to drive

and the cop said, get it together, and sent him on his way.

told me that he wants his little son to be good at piano.

i was all i would love to be good at piano.

and we got to his spot and he said,

i apologize if i spoke too much. in korean culture, a man should be quiet.

i said my man you’re in america,

let it out.

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