sometimes good things happen, sometimes bad things happen

today i couldnt sit still. today i couldnt lay down. today i couldnt walk far. today i sneezed and coughed and puked.

i am the most sensitive poet youve ever seen. i am such a drama queen.

if you prick me i will never let you forget it.

i bled today. a vacuum cleaner arrived at my doorstep and i tried to open it with scissors

and i pulled it all toward me and


the cats scattered.

i coughed and sneezed and bled and wheezed

yet for some reason the pretty girl in a skin tight captain america shirt

and booty shorts said, wanna find the f blanket?

theres this blanket that i wanna write a screenplay about

we put it down over the comforter on special occasions.

the movie i wanna make about it will be a short.

no words, just animation,

how the f blanket first gets used,

then the two giggle as they lay it down the next day and next day.

after a while its there all the time.

then week after week it falls off the bed, then under the bed.

one day the boy puts it on the bed and the girl gets a twinkle in her eye

but he lays one of the cats on it and clips its toenails.

then falls asleep.

eventually the blanket goes into the closet.

and accidentally catches fire, burning down the house.

only the cats survive.

all that scatter practice.

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