there was a text message that was sent out today in LA

it said:

the fires from today that shut down the 405 freeway and burned down rupert murdoch’s mansion and vinyards and displaced people and animals and birds and wildlife is only going to get stronger tonight as the winds are expected to reach upwards of 70 miles an hour in the canyons and passes. so be cool and do what we say if we have to text you again.

sleep tight.

but no one is sleeping tight.

all day the air has been gray or worse. it’s snowing soot.

the cars all have a gross little film on it.

they’re passing out little face masks in the valley so you dont have to breath the stuff in

at ucla someone put one on a statue of the bruin bear.

i stayed inside like a shutin

ive been sick for the last couple days, hacking, sneezing, trying to sleep.

i feel better right now and i hope to go to work tomorrow.

not everyone gets to go to work tomorrow.

some people have no homes tonight. some have nothing.

i have so much i dont even know what to do.

i heard Lyft was giving people free rides to rescue areas and i wanted to volunteer for that.

but my mom taught me a long time ago that if you dont go to school cuz youre sick you cant play at night.

even if it is for nice things, like saving your town.

which i hope wont need saving tomorrow,

but we are worried.

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