got these girls from american somoa

beverly hills. outside of the drug store.

do you know how expensive everything is around here? they asked.

i laughed.

i said, you might be in the most expensive square mile in all of the usa.

they argued that maui might be right up there too, but they didn’t expect what they just had seen on Rodeo Drive.

i said, i think of it more as an art project. a game. a huge fakeout ballet.

we will put these things here and see if someone actually does the thing.

like when some guy developed a $1,000 iphone app, back when apps were just starting.

for a grand all it did was show an image of a gem and if you clicked it, these words appeared

i am rich, i deservd it, i am healthy and successful.

apple took it down after a day.

but in that day eight people bought it.

we drove and i told them about how to ride the bus, where Santee Alley is, and where they should stay in Las Vegas, which was their next destination.

about half way through the ride i turned the heater on even though it wasnt very cold.

they thanked me the most for that.

and tipped me two dollars.

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