i had such a good weekend driving

but i was sooooo tired yesterday

was it the celebratory burrito i ate? was it im getting old and moldy?

who know, but yesterday i just sat in my bed and tried to relax but i cant relax im always moving

last night i wrote about weezer for bree and that will be up on setlist.fm shortly

now im getting ready to rent an electric car so i can review it for this EV website i already wrote one piece for and now they want more. so thats nice.

my hands are still a little numb. i really need to take another day off of driving but i have to interview Glen at the food bank after i do this EV thing – which is also a tour around Hollywood for an hour with my man Brian.

then i have to get my real car smog checked and get a new registration.


i really should take tomorrow off and maybe i will because my hands really need rest.

drove smartly today

8 hours, $250. only did a few longish rides and those were all under 30 minutes each

and i only drove 100 miles.

could be going to the airport be for the birds?

for the last two days ive been trying to get short rides in order to get this bonus

i need to do 32 rides tomorrow to get it, i feel good bc today i did 28 and the day before i did 29. i just need to get out there by 10am and focus on the shorties. maybe a long one at the end. and stop looking for surges.

i caught a few today. one was worth $14. in the valley. if they continue to reward drivers in the val, you’ll see me out there more. roads are bigger. tons of cut throughs. easier to pick up.

bonded with these columbians

peed at a little league

ate one and a half impossible burgers.

damnit the other half is in the glove box.

picked up a black lady who was 66

she told me that she went to high school near the beach instead of in her local high school out there in the hood

i was driving her from the airport to her home on 60th street in south LA

i love driving these people so much it’s insane.

she told me about going to school by the airport in the 1970s

sock hops, football games, always eating lunch outside.

i was so excited when i became a senior because i could sit on the Senior Lawn and eat. she was beaming like she had just been blessed with this honor yesterday.

dont let them catch you sitting there if you werent a senior she said cackling

i asked everyone knew what year everyone was

oh yes. don’t let em catch you on that lawn, ya hear?

driving from near where her high school was to the house she grew up in near the 110 freeway would take us exactly 39 minutes so i asked her how long it took to take the bus to school every day

bus-ES she clarified, i took three busses. one to inglewood at market street, one to westchester and one to the school. it took about two hours each way, she said but she loved that school.

what was your mascot i asked and she searched her memory banks.

the comets.

on good conversations like the one we had i just turn the stereo down to one. kc and the sunshine band was playing when i caught her looking out the window as we zipped past dulans soul food on crenshaw

we would play crenshaw all the time. back then they were good. they hated us.


because we were a white school. i was one of the few colored girls. they would wait for all us Black kids to get off the bus at Market to walk across the street to catch the next bus. they wanted to fight. i looked away. but i heard. i heard them call us all the most disgusting names just because we wanted to go to that school.

once we were beating them badly in basketball. my friend saw people were whispering. the whispering got to us.

get on the bus.

before the fourth quarter we were on a school bus

out of there.

$10 tip.

went to the dodger game and it made me anti capitalist

everything about it was a feeding frenzy of greed

tickets: $60 each, parking $30 a car, beer $18, hot dog $7, margarita $30.

ads everywhere. pitch clock fully enabled so kids KIDS will get lured in somehow

lured in to what? im fucking old and i cant afford a $30 shitty ass marg at the game – hows a kid gonna do it?

kids get paid like $10 an hour if they’re LUCKY – they gotta work 3 hours just to park at the fucking joint?

todays my day off, i shouldnt be groucy

interviewed a guy today

who when the deal was over and i was putting the mics away

he said i forgot to tell you i cut off my brothers dick

was i nervous about going to this guys house before i got there?


i have had a good life.

this blog only tells a fraction of it.

i have had a fantastic, unbelievable, astonishing at times ride

even now i get paid to drive people around this beautiful city

and sometimes i get to write about rock concerts

i make my own hours, get high every night, and write and write and write.

and when someone brings their dog into my car i tell em we have to take a picture

whats yr dogs name

and i almost always forget.

ive got no right to be scared of shit.