she keeps telling me she loves me

does she think shes dying? does she love me? did her luck dry up that much?

who could love me? ive literally got nothing right now.

except this fuel.

i seriously cannot sleep im so full of life.

the other day, poor greg, it was his birthday, feb 8, and i was soooo tired from so much lack of sleep, that i had to leave his party “early” at like 1030p. but by midnight i was out. gone.

i had hoped i would stick to that sort of schedule but here i am again at four.

sucks because the cats wake me up sometimes at 9am – omg theyve been so bad lately. eating things they jumped up to get. pooping on the couch. they want me to play with them more but i have no time to always be looking for them to see what theyre up to

also if one of them is pooping, they shouldnt get rewarded with more of me.

i put prince in the cat carrier for two hours every time he poops but he keeps pooping AND he pees in the carrier.

im terrible at so much. how can that beautiful girl love me.

when i write her its all about sex. but in weirdly creative ways which i know sounds impossible because what topic has been over done as much as that one but im telling you, wild stuff comes out and its good and i wish i could share it but

those are just for her.

today i drove 125 miles. did a few airport trips. nearly took a ride down to mission viejo for $75 but sergio told me not to take it because it was surging. little trips tony. keep going back to the airport because it was giving $30 bonuses there

took a rich girl up into the beverly hills and she told me biden was hurting her business of commercial real estate. i asked what are you selling.

she said mostly wherehouses for amazon and stuff.

i got, dont immigrants fill up wherehouses and clean offices and park the cars and keep the grass green

she had lost her voice partying at a tennis tourney in scottsdale so was whispering

i have the greatest life.

got in n out after all that

came home

knocked out a long piece about ushers halftime show

which im very happy about.

also happy i might be ‘working’ for someone i love so much

but not like how this girl allegedly loves me

in a different way