spent the day working soooo long on this next podcast

there was a time jordan did the editing of the audio, now i do it

i see why he wanted my interviews to be 45 minutes

this one was 3 hours.

it’s taken me forever to edit it down bc im so easily distracted

i’ll get on a little run and i’ll be so happy that i’ll do something else “real quick” like make a pic like the one above.

is it ADD or ADHD or procrastination?

i really wanted to do 3 episodes this month but i dont think it’ll happen.

now that i have my uber stories and setlist and actually driving uber im so busy and things that take a long time like the podcast get pushed to the back

not sure how i can fix that other than do something wild and limit my twitter to 1 hour a day instead of 23.

the other night i was soooo tired and soooo on empty and i hadnt eaten much and i hadnt dranken enough water and i was sooo sleepy but i still had more and more to do so after i took a leak i felt like i might not make it to the bed

so once i got in the hallway i took a step and flew into the bed

once i got there i was sweaty

i wanted to cry from exhaustion

and i sat there and laughed

toweled off

and got back to working.