cubs won the weekend series against the dodgers


and woulda swept them if the ump yesterday wasn’t shrooming.

in other news i heard excellent news about a good man who had a bad ticker.

turned out he got a new heart and a transplant in the nick of time.

one of the best people ive met. very happy for him and his family. God is good.

life is so fleeting. you never know whats going to just fuck up in our body and thats it.

which is why i send out so many dick pics.


walked past a sticker today that said “roger was here.”

and it made me sad bc roger is the name of Amber’s dad.

and i thought, if i was really a great ex bf id make Amber was here stickers

and put them around all the places she and i visited.

since she


there at one point of her too-short life.

i get sad about her more than i thought i would.

my heart is dark, but i guess its still working.

i pity the person who gets any of my parts when i croak.