i really wanted my post on medium to blow up yesterday

but things blowing up is a rare thing, next week i have this thing about coke that i bet you will do well in fact if i was smart id work on it all day today

but i am a dumb stupid foolish person.

anyways i saw something on twitter and noticed it was only 4 minutes old so i put it up on reddit and ba-zoom, nearly 1,000 upvotes and 5 people gave me things, one of them was Reddit Gold.

as you see, i rarely post things on reddit and the last two times i did it only got 20 and 29 upvotes.

reddit will quickly tell you if you’re out of touch.

and then boom Da Bearsssssss.

granted, it was sad and angry and i would not like to excel in those emotions, but it was nice to see when i least expected it.

when i wake up im interviewing one of howard stern’s long time interns

lets see how that goes

#1 on Reddit right now isn’t a link to a wacky website

a hilarious video, or a dopey photo, it’s two paragraphs:

I agree with the Repubs, daughter’s pregnancy is private, just as abortion, gay marriage, euthanasia, and recreational drug use are private matters that should be beyond government and politics.

If you parade yourself around as a moral person, Moral Majority, focus on the family, etc… than you should be held to your own standards. Obviously if you preach that abstinence only education works and then your daughter gets pregnant at 17 you don’t know what you are talking about and should shut up or put up with people pointing out your hypocrisy. The same should hold true of economic policy. The Right Wing Pundits who have been saying that the war is going to be a cake walk, and the economy is doing fine, and that the christian right has the monopoly on morals, should all have their heads down in shame. – crashkg

theres a lot right in those paragraphs and a lot wrong. so lets get to the wrong parts first.

privacy isnt a partisan issue. neither is morality. along those lines there are parents who vote for all sorts of politicians who dont want their children being taught about sex in schools.

with that said, there are those on the right who do try to play up the moral issue in regards to abortion and birth control.

however in my book if you are a young woman having sex and you live in a house with no condoms i wouldnt call your happy little accident that gets you knocked up and rushed to the altar immoral. i would call the pressure to make you have that baby and get married immoral, if indeed that is/was the case – which i hope it wasnt.

i dont think that sex is immoral and i read the bible pretty close and it doesnt say it is either. what it does say is immoral, is judging.

thanks to the fact that there are sooooo many people on this planet, clearly some of us are going to have different beliefs than others.

you might want to teach your little angels about sex at a young age and have it be part of your ongoing conversation so that it doesnt seem all that bizarre to them (good luck), or you might want to wait till your kids are already well in to puberty/rebellion/experimentation to discuss the birds n bees and then suggest that they simply ignore their raging hormones and natural curiosities (good luck).

the bible doesnt say that either of those techniques are better than the other, but it does say we should love our neighbors and we shouldnt judge them.

likewise i agree that if people like ann althouse and michelle malkin cringe that we are all up in the palin family’s ladyparts perhaps now they know what its like for gays and lesbians who simply want to be married. how come little teen bristol can get hitched to her high school beau just because she had unprotected sex, but adult men and women in lifelong committed relationships have to fight and struggle for that very same right?

what does it matter to you if the palins have babies? likewise what does it matter to you when adults want to get married?

unlike the author at reddit, i dont think that this is a time for anyone to hang their head in shame, i think its an ideal time for people to consider raising their eyes up in enlightenment.

yes, no one deserves privacy more than bristol palin. and no one deserves it less either.