last month on twitter matt welch asked about this sb little league picture

and i couldn’t find it anywhere, and lo, i just ran across it on facebook

we were probably the coolest little league managers of all time

but that doesn’t always translate to the wins column

however, one thing about being 9 and 10 years old, which these boys learned

probably not from us

is winning and losing is all relative

the fact that they were able to turn double plays

and not piss their pants at the plate

when, let’s say, that was not in their skill set before we all met and became the Santa Barbara Royals

is all the winning one needs.

fascination street

she said wanna

i said yeah

she said no do you really wanna

i said is there a hot tub

she said and a pool

i was all do i have to drive

she said ill drive

stopped off at a book store to pee

the thing i like about santa barbara is it’s seen it all

so it’s chill

theres pretty much nothing you can do to impress santa barbara

except be cool

and pick up your litter

this place is