in the three years since ive written the busblog

never have i warned you that i wouldnt be writing.

even if i went on vacation there would be blog entries. even if i was sick. even if there was a rolling blackout. even if i was experiencing carpal tunnel.

im not warning you so that you can fill my comments with tips or well wishes or sympathy or pity, but just so that you would know that the blogging will be light for a little while.

if it were me, there would be no change in production. but its my supervisors at the xbi. the higher ups. after years of disparaging my good name, suddenly theyre terribly interested in my good health.

as a boy growing up in the suburbs of chicago, once i saw walter payton playing space invaders at the driving range next to my house. i asked the shopkeep if he could give me a pen and a peice of paper so i could get walter’s autograph and he said no. so i swiped a business card and ran through the christmas tree farm and to my house on the other side. i got a pen and ran back. as i arrived i saw sweetness being driven away in a jeep.

i ran with my hand up after the grand cherokee and i hoped he could see me through the dust that he was kicking up and soon i saw brakelights and i ran to the passenger side and there he was good old number thirty four. white sweat band, short fro, top gun pilot sunglasses on reflecting my image in each lens.

he signed the business card and told me to stay in school.

and since then no athlete has replaced him as my favorite player of all time.

if walter had a blog, he’d write through anything.

he’d keep his head down and blast through motherfuckers, he’d shimmy thisaway and end up thataway.

people say i idolize bukowski, i do, but i try to emulate payton.

power grace style soul

and a suprise in every box.

my old pal linda showed up this weekend lookin hot and spent the night last night and you’d think being a prison guard on death row in utah you’d meet some fine men but apparently if youre not mormon the pickins are slim.

so lets hope the lady has luck in vegas tonight.

pardon me, miss montreal has arrvied to help me with my finger excercises.

beth + ben + wKen show

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