hey tony, enough with the busblog. how are the Times blogs doing?

theres this weird belief that internet traffic is slow in the summer. people think that since the kids are out of school or because the weathers nice people dont use the web. such a lie. omg so wrong.

last month latimes.com broke a record, like no problem. it got 127 million pageviews. almost 10 per cent of that came from the blogs – 12.2 million – which doesnt seem like very much until you realize that last july la times blogs only had 2.2 million. in august you shouldnt be surprised if we can get 2.2 million from 2-3 of our blogs.

every month my boss meredith sends out a little email to the entire organization giving out the numbers. i hope she continues to have them posted on our Readers Rep blog because that way i can send a link to my mom. but since i know my mom reads the busblog, here you go ma, we did good last month! also my cohort Lindsay did real well on Your Scene, our user generated content, and its blog.

Top 20 blogs for July follow. Blog traffic broke an all-time record this month of more than 12 million page views. Tony Pierce notes that July 2007 blog page views were 2.2 million page views. Incredible growth.

1. Top of the Ticket — 1,800,770 PVs
2. The Dish Rag — 1,666,702
3. L.A. Land — 1,205,609
4. Gold Derby — 655,369
5. Show Tracker — 516,324
6. Lakers
7. Countdown to Crawford (more than 500K in its first full month)
8. Hero Complex (launched July 16)
9. Technology
10. Web Scout
11. The Big Picture
12. Booster Shots
13. The Daily Travel & Deal Blog
14. Opinion L.A.
15. The Homicide Report
16. L.A. Now
17. Ticket to Beijing (Olympics)
18. Money & Co
19. Entertainment News & Buzz
20. L.A. Unleashed

Your Scene, our user-generated photo service, generated 6.6 million page views in July. Bravo to Lindsay Barnett, Your Scene producer extraordinaire.

this month expect even bigger numbers from the dish rag who has already gotten off to a huge start. top of the ticket will end the month by covering the GOP convention, our olympics blog will dominate the world, and hero complex was in the top ten last month after only being around 2 weeks therefore it will be interesting to see if it can crack a million since it will have an entire month to rock. could we have five blogs break a million in august? all signs point to hell to the yes.

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