her name was pearl and she looked like a man

i was young. too young to know better. she drove a motor cycle

and wore a trench coat. had shorter hair than me

and had kissed more girls.

she was a tad older than me and im telling you, when the light hit her wrong she looked mannish.

to me at least. a boy from illinois.

one night ontop of mulholland i opened up her trench coat and

rainbows and unicorns and all the doors of perception flew out at me.

femininity times femininity.

but when the light hit her wrong.

rode home that night on the back of her harley.

we watched music videos on tv, something they used to televise.

she excused herself and came out wearing a football helmet, no shirt, and a leather skirt.

i spilled my grape soda, something they used to sell in stores

and turned off that damn light.

why is this man bearded?

its called a playoff beard and its working.

chicago hasnt been NHL champs in 50 years and after tomorrow Lord Stanely’s Cup just may find a year-long home in the Windy.

im so excited i even know two players’ names.

and one of them is a brotha.

go hawks!