it looks like the girl wont be sleeping on the couch for much longer

balancerspeople say you shouldnt jinx things by talking about things but do those people even understand how jinxing works?

if you can jinx something for the bad, shouldnt you, by the transitive law of geometry, be able to jinx something for the good?

and if so, why isnt everyone all the time jinxing junk for the good?

they’re not. also theyre not jinxing it for the bad either.

the girl will soon be moving to sin city where she will be sleeping on a bed for the first time, regularly, in over a year. i am very proud of her. she has taken on things that i dont think i could have.

i was not the best roommate. i was messy and she cleaned. i was loud, but she slept. i wasnt the most supportive after a while, yet she keeped on moving forward.

theres very very very few people i could have been as patient as i was with, but jeanine has a heart of gold and she knows i have her best interest at heart and everyone knows that its rare to have very close friends who are so close that you could do something like this with.

am i glad she’s moving to vegas? of course. the raiders will be moving there soon and this will cut down on all the hotel expenses i was planning on accruing.

and the way i see it, i get dibs on her couch for at least a few home stands.

but as they say the deal isnt finalized so keep the good thoughts brewing

and if youre any good at positive jinxes, jinx away, for good.

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