im in a fight with uber

for some reason they wanna be in fights.

their founder is in fights with everyone and swears that he has grown and wants to be all peace and love, but hes so not peace and love unless it hits the news.

over the last 3 weeks i did over 100 UberSC trips. typically they rip us off on the fares and you have to write in and complain.

after a little back and forth they write back and say, fine heres your $35.

but when you do so many trips the difference isnt $35… in my case it is $156.

so i wrote last night and explained it, as usual, and today they fought with me, first lying by saying you have to do this within 3 days of the problem.

and then saying oh no we paid you soooo much money, which was another lie.

when i replied by saying, take a screenshot of you paying me soooo much money, they said fuck it, go to the Uber driver customer service way out in Redondo Beach and settle it there.

they gave me the hours, which are bankers hours basically. they do a half day on Saturday for some reason. why not a full day on Saturday?

i wrote back and said, no! this is so easy, just pay me i gave you the proof! but they said no.

so i started a brand new ticket, rewrote my genius, sent in different examples

but concluded the same thing, you owe me $156.

it’ll be interesting to see if it gets sent to different people.

hopefully someone there will understand my dilemma.

and with the money… i will buy a new tire for my car.

in the meanwhile i will drive exclusively for Lyft.

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