idiot trump and idiot north korean dude are gonna kill us all

before the nukes start flying around let me tell you that this has been an amazing ride.

50 years ive gotten to watch this miracle of life and every day i have been fascinated.

the irony is the majority of these posts have been about me,

but really they are about how i feel like i fit in

or how i dont fit in.

it’s ok not to fit in, btw, indeed sometimes it’s great.

we still love the chainsaw even though it doesnt fit into the tool box

but for certain jobs it’s the best friend a one armed man fighting evil could ever have.

im grateful that i got to spend my life in the era that i did.

i got to see video games rise from Pong, i got to see computers rise from huge office machines to tiny “phones”

and best of all i got to see the Cubs win the World Series with my own two eyes.

along the way i got to kiss some of the prettiest girls in the whole universe,

i got to live while there was a black man in the white house

and i’ve even been lucky enough to be of aid to one or two people,

which the good book says is the purpose of all of this.

i love you and sorry this planet had to explode so quickly, for no good reason.

see you at the Big Arcade in the Sky.



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