fucked around and dropped six episodes this month

A guy who was Bob Dylan’s bass player in 1984 and grew up with Andy Kaufman – Carthay Circle

A delightful research librarian I worked with at the LA Times who is sailing off into the sunset, literally. – Sherman Oaks

A mixed race writer and editor who once taught in the Compton public schools and she says she is not shy about telling people how good she was at it. –  Virgil Village


The LAPD accuse him of being the head of Antifa LA, but he told me that would be impossible as there is no such thing as Antifa. Within a very short period of time this episode became our most popular podcast to date – Mid City

Today I published my chat with Joey Ng who is a bad bitch, a great mom, and the perfect person to ask about where to eat in – Chinatown

today was a weird day

some times they’re gonna be weird.

my neighbor is a very good person and she is in love with a man she just met 6 months ago.

they seem extremely happy and very compatible. both 30.

only problem is he wants kids and she does not.

so yesterday he said im sorry ive gotta break up with you.

and hes rich.

today she told me she might have kids, fuck it.

what else am i gonna do 10 years from now, she asked me.


what did i do when i was 40? oh thats right, the best thing i ever did: guide LAist to the top.

quadrupling the LA Times’ best blog.

could i have done it with a wife and kids?


now that i think of it, maybe the reason we did it was because i could be on that bad boy day and night with no distractions.

just floor it. more. more. more, more.

thats not what made today weird.

it took me 4 hours to get through church on YouTube

sometimes i have zero attention span.

what a weird month this has been

i applied for a bunch of jobs i was super qualified for: zero nibbles.

is it my age? is my resume too junky? do people think i want $250k?

at this point i pretend the Good Lord is keeping me from bad situations.

or He wants me to be an Uber driver again.

or He knows there will be a giant Hear in LA sponsor soon, even though I don’t have a biz dev person or would know what to do if such a windfall happened.

im telling you its weird right now.

next week we get back to producing podcasts. today i will be doing some work. maybe tomorrow too. but it’s Sunday and im not really supposed to.

just know i love you all and i want to make everyone happy and i wanna help spread the word that people are good

and we dont need guns.


dear people of the future

shits fucked right now in the usa

the most dangerous place for a child to be is in school believe it or not

guns kill more kids than anything else.

18 kids died yesterday and one party was outraged and the other was all whoops

whoops because one party gets millions and millions of dollars from the gun lobby to keep their mouths shut

i can be bought. true. especially now.

but even i, whore as i may be, has a line.

i dont even have kids but i cherish them. i know a little what it takes to raise them.

actually i dont know anything about that life. but still. it seems very hard. time consuming. painful. tiresome. burdensome.

to be honest i dont see the payoff, but my friends are no dummies and they keep having kids and havent eaten any of them yet. so there must be something there.

therefore we should protect them.

or at least find a new way for them to die other than this very silly one: guns.


ive learned so much from twitter

ever been in a relationship and you’re like why did they take that the wrong way?

then you get on twitter and ppl constantly taking things the wrong way

including you.

how many twitter accounts are called bus-something? not a lot.

how you gonna block busblog and you’re named bus something LA?

maybe i do wanna be blocked by such a person.

been watching The Great on hulu bc someone recommended it and also i wanted to use it as background noise as i worked on my website.

way better than i expected.

i had no motivation today

there are things that come easy to me

some i gotta work on

and some i gotta toil over and try so hard not to suck at

this damn website has been a struggle

and thank heaven for Mark Johnson because he has been so patient

and has helped me so much

and the other day he got COVID while in NYC visiting his boys.

jordan has helped so much, mark has helped so much, and weirdly everyone who has been even the slightest bit positive

and especially those who have put up with my unending promotion

have made all this happen.

today i realized this has never been done before in the history of LA:

  • interview at least 5 people per 250+ LA neighborhoods
  • put the majority of the interview online in audio
  • make a real blog post for each resident

i gotta get motivated tomorrow.

meet me at the black church

when i was a kid the bible was a mysterious thing

i guess parts of it are still mysterious and in a small way id like to keep it that way

however i have an idea about interviewing this biblical scholar i know

about abortion

is it in the bible?

where does thou shalt not kill enter into the debate?

and isn’t there a part that says if the mom’s gonna die in childbirth, it’s ok to have an abortion?

pretty sure he lives in westchester

jewish man who is an expert on the new testament

such an expert he teaches it at LMU

do you know how good i feel today

yesterday we produced our 50th episode.

50 episodes in 10 months.

do you know how crazy that is?

and we took two months off when COVID was raging.

and neither of us got paid for any of this.

labor of love.

planting the seeds.

figuring shit out.

i wanted this 50th episode to be special and spectacular

and like a Sports Illustrated double issue swimsuit edition

and look at how it doubled the views of a normal day:

before we publish a podcast i like to take a walk and listen to it in earphones

earbuds, earpods, whatever you wanna call it.

i want to hear it the way someone might if they were hiking.

most of our shows are an hour and that allows me to get like 7,500 steps in

but yesterday’s was a two hour bonus edition

so i walked and walked and ended up at Hollywood Forever Cemetery

and lo, i saw the xbi has already gotten me a giant tombstone next to a beautiful palm tree.

so nice of them. but no, i am not returning!

even though i only live a few miles away from hollywood forever, ive never just strolled over there because it really would take about 2 hours to go there and back and I HAVE THINGS TO DO


which is crazy because Johnny Ramone wants to play for us.

we should listen.

and we should mourn the death of Grass.

while walking around i laughed outloud, i smiled, i beamed. it was a great episode.

just listening to it i knew it would take off.

which is something i say about all of them, but this one i just knew

it was just so controversial and wild and hyper local and interesting.

i am so indebted to jordan for getting me off my ass to do this thing

and now we only have 1,450 left to go!

now to make some videos

listen to it by clicking here

today they sold a warhol of marilyn for $195 million

money is the weirdest thing.

pretty sure that’s why the Bible is against it.

you could chase after it all your life, do all these weird things youd never do to get it

then decades after youre dead, all your shit is worth 1,000x more

and the shit hasn’t changed.

if anything theres more art for people to buy,

some might even say Better things to buy

but nope, they want your old thing which was a picture you blew up

and colorized.

be good is what the bible says to do instead of chase money

help the poor is what it says

help your neighbors.

be cool.

and yet, when push comes to shove there we go applying to work for companies

who dont really want the real tony pierce

they want some picture they can blow up

and colorize.