amy is concerned

that my baseball blog will get in the way of me jumping on the Gaucho bandwagon and getting all crazy about us about to face #3 Arizona in the first round of the NCAA tourney that starts, for UCSB, tomorrow around 8pm.

Baseball Blog 2002 has nothing to do with my lack of attention to my alma mater: The Arizona Wildcats are what’s making me do as Til Tuesday recommended and “hush hush” about the forthcoming onslaught.

My fear is we’re going to be spanked harder than a fat kid caught stealing cookies from his fat mom’s sock drawer.

My fear is we’re going to get our asses handed to us in a way that will make little kids cry and old men scratch their heads.

I’m grateful that they’re in the tourney, and very grateful that ESPN didnt consider this the most lopsided match of the bracket, but it’s pretty close.

For those of you who wish to learn a little more about my beloved Gaucho’s, the David, the Underdog, the Diamondbacks of this tournament, look no further than this breakdown of the Champs of the Big West.

Me, im just doing my best not to get my heart broke.

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