Sonny doesn’t like the Baseball Blog either

but fuck Sonny.

“What ever happened to Babe Blog?” he chides, referring to the daily blog of several pictures of hot chicks that he dreamed up for me last month.

“Because there isn’t enough porn on the web”

Oh, you mean the blog about Molli and Greg’s unborn babe thats about minus 7 months old right now? Another grand idea I had. By the way, mad props to Greg for the ride home last night.

“No, the Chick Blog – hot chicks every day, with all the facts and all that!” he says.

I’m mad at Sonny cuz he’s never pleased with what i do.

At first he wanted tons of pictures and stories about Ashley, then he said he didnt want any, now he wants tons again. I hate him cuz his logic is pretty hard to argue against, but it’s always changing.

Plus he cheats a Scrabble.

He’s memorized hundreds of two- and three-letter words, words he doesnt even know the definitions of.

And he teases me about my interest in Astrology – which is only a passing interest, people. He sends me my Brezney astrology in fucked up ways all the time.

This morning he wrote my astrology on a softball and left it on the passenger seat of my flying car. He knows I like Brezney, but I can never figure out what he was talking about… until it was too late.

LIBRA (Sept 23-Oct 22)

Week of March 14, 2002

Now and then there comes a time when you have to break the mold; when you can no longer afford to squeeze yourself into a one-size-fits-all pattern. On other occasions, you urgently need to renounce the images that people have projected onto you; when your ability to live as a free soul requires you to rebel against all the expectations you’re surrounded by. And every once in a great while, Libra, you’re called on to shatter the molds and purge the projections in the same mad, healing rush. Now is such a turning point.

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