ashley seems to think that im hiding her

i like the fact that she wants attention and credit and adoration and fame and celebrity and love and fan mail and phone calls and pizza and mentions in a blog that matters not. but im not hiding her.

everyone knows tons about ashley and knows that i call her every day and knows that we get to hang out a lot together, and now that no doubt is in town there would be no doubt that shed be in town, and now that theyre on their way to vegas, she’ll be on the road east to make the shows.

the person that should be complaining the most is Jesus.

i havent spread the word in so long and here it is Good Friday and this is what i’ll say about it.

read a few chapters of the Good Book this weekend.

it might surprise you.

for example, on this day, Good Friday, lots of interesting things happened. one writer says that there was an earthquake, one guy talks about one of the bad guys putting a straw down Jesus’s mouth and poured vinegar down his throat while he suffered on the cross. one guy talks about Jesus’s brothers and family showing up.

for some reason these details never really get talked about in the movies or on tv or in church even, and i wont give you my opinions on them, i would way prefer it if you formed your own. to me spirituality is the most personal part of a person’s life and its ok to talk about these things, but today i’d rather just suggest that you crack open the book and spend a few minutes, or, gasp, even an hour reading some of the new testament and read for yourself a little bit of matthew mark luke or john. i promise you there will be something in there instantly that you will be surprised to read.

theres no way i shoulda gone to work yesterday, i had this very strange dizzy spell where i thought i was gonna fall down in the hallway and i dont know how i made it through the day but i did, somehow, and now im back at my desk again and im feeling much better, thank you.

and thank you to everyone who is stoking the kitty fund and the snoop fund. i promise you. this blog will not evolve into a charity drive each and every day. i’ll only talk about the kitty for a few more days. latest news: if things couldnt get pathetic enough, the kitty had to go to the doctor and came home with one of those sad tubes around its neck because the paw is infected and will probably have to be amputated, costing karisa even more cash. but they did learn this very important lesson that i would like to share with you, if i may.

apparently there is pet insurance that people can buy. i dont know what it’s called, if you do, just say so in the Comments section (at the end of this post) but it cost about $7-$10 a month and you have like a $100 deductable – i dont know how it works really, i was just surprised to hear that you could have pet insurance.

Happy Good Friday, gentle readers, i think the world of you.

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