Ditch lives in Mass

not LA and says that if he lived in LA and not Mass he would definately be at the Hellacopters show on Saturday at the Troubador, and when I see a band bust with the flying Vs I say say no more.

health report: no dizzy spells, no nausea, a little bit of a runny gnose, a tiny bit of a cough, but only because i didnt have a good night’s sleep, and cuz im old, and cuz life isnt fair. and cuz my place is cold and dusty and in need of a clean and i cant even do that tonight because chris has invited me to go out with her and her friends tonight and see Panic Room after pf changs.

how could i have only worked 5 days in the last 2 weeks and i still feel like i have no time to myself? im such a brat.

the dizzy spells i had yesterday may have been due to the fact that i took two innocent looking pills from the workplace first aid cabinet generically labeled “multi-symptom cold pills” that had twice the shit in them that i was taking at home! and i was only taking one pill at home! no wonder my brain was hanging upside down.

sara cracks me up nearly every day, i dont think i can stress this enough. although i am a bit concerned for my old roommate dan that sara has a new beau. but you now frisco, anything goes there. he probably introduced them.

yesterday i was outbid on ebay for 16 bukowski books by $1. i hate to think these thoughts, but under such circumstances, i usually think it was the seller who cheated because he didnt want to unload them for just $61. i hate that. i am wishing bad thoughts their way if they did that to me. very bad thoughts. like i hope it rains after they wash their car.

i touched up an illustration of Mo Vaughn last night on my baseball blog – the kids leave comments on that blog, thankfully. cough hint cough!

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